Texas Teenager Arrested For Making A Clock And Bringing It To School

For today in outrage we go to Irving, Texas. That is where a 14-year-old boy built a homemade clock and took it school. Now, the worst that should probably have happened in this situation is he gets called a “nerd” by the other students who he can laugh at later in life when he goes to work for Tesla or Google or Space X.

However, when teachers discovered his homemade clock instead of applauding his budding interest in building technology, they called authorities. While a police spokesperson agrees that they “had no reason to think it was dangerous,” they still arrested Ahmed Mohamed for making a “bomb hoax.” FYI, Irving police were quick to deny that his skin color or Muslim religion had anything to do with the arrest.

It all started Monday when the freshman at Irving MacArthur High, who reportedly “makes his own radios and repairs his own go-kart” decided his next project would be a digital clock made from a circuit board and housed in a pencil case. Hoping to impress his teachers he brought the device to school where he proudly showed it to his engineering instructor. However instead of getting a pat on the back, he immediately got a warning not to show that to any other teachers. Weird, I wonder what the problem would be? I picture a sitcom scene unfolding with the teacher’s eyes going wide, throwing a towel over the clock. “Eeeeh… Listen, Mohamed that is nice but…”

Mohamed complied, keeping the clock in his backpack until English class when the thing beeped. His English teacher demanded to know what was in the bag, and when he showed her… whoops-a-daisy– this didn’t look right to her.

Mohamed was taken to the principal’s office where he was threatened with expulsion. When the local police arrived he was interrogated by five police officers for several hours who kept insisting he tried to make a bomb. While he maintained the entire time that it was a clock, an officer told him “It looks like a movie bomb to me.” Unable to pin an actual bomb threat on the boy, officers arrested him for making a bomb hoax and took him away from school in handcuffs to juvenile detention. He has been suspended for three days and a letter went home to parents detailing the incident.

OK, but this is a terrible looking clock, just saying.

The support has been overwhelming for the him and his family from people around the world on social media, with #IStandWithAhmed trending. In fact he just got a tweet from the president:

Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.

— President Obama (@POTUS) September 16, 2015

Mr. President, wait! What if this was all part of his plan all along!? Ahmed built a clock and brought it to class knowing that he would be racially profiled by the school and cops in his Texas town, get arrested, rise to viral Internet fame and then BOOM, get invited to the White House where he would bring the real bomb! Oh no!!


I’m guessing most people in Irving, Texas will just recall this as the time that kid “made a bomb hoax.” So remember kids, unless you can catch a ball it is best advised that you put your head down and sleep through high school.

Break Question of The Day:  Did authorities over react?  Or is it never a good idea to bring a clock to school?

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Source: Dallas News