Texas Deputy in Trouble After Posing With Snoop Dogg in Selfie

A deputy at the Texas Department of Public Safety is in big trouble with his bosses thanks to a selfie he took with rapper Snoop Dogg while he was still in his uniform. 

Someone is in tha Dogg House. No gin and juice for you!

Deputy Billy Spears has been put on suspension for appearing in the photo that was posted to on Snoop Dogg’s Instagram account approximately two weeks ago during an event at the South by Southwest festival. Spears was working a security detail at an event that was part of the festival when Snoop Dogg asked him if he could take a picture with the deputy. Mr. Dogg posted it on his account with the caption, “Me n my deputy dogg.” 

Snoop loves to smoke cigarettes with tobacco.

So what exactly is so wrong with the photo? Did the two appear topless together in the picture or did the deputy let Snoop Dogg poses with his gun, some of his honeys or a big bag of the ganja? Nope, they simply posed together with Snoop Dogg’s arm on the deputy’s shoulder. The DPS issued a formal citation against Spears because Snoop has several drug convictions. The citation also requires Spears to undergo counseling with a supervisor during the length of his suspension. What exactly is there to counsel? He didn’t do anything wrong. He appeared in a photo with Snoop Dogg taken with Snoop Dogg’s cell phone, not a security camera as the two are hauling bags of weed over their shoulders like Santa delivering a sack of toys.                                                                                                                               

Source: HuffPo