Texas Cop Tasers 76-Year-Old Man Over Inspection Sticker

Right now, local police departments are receiving a great deal of scrutiny after officers have been accused of using excessive force against some of its citizens. Yet another case of an officer appearing to go too far surfaced in Victoria, Texas where a police officer used a stun gun on a 76-year-old man during a traffic stop. 

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The best part is the music; this cop has been playing way too much GTA.

Officer Nathanial Robinson, 23, conducted a traffic stop on Pete Vasquez, 76, for not having the proper registration. Vasquez had dealer license plates on the car and did not have to have an inspection sticker displayed on the windshield, a fact confirmed by the Victoria Police Chief following the incident. Robinson orders Vasquez to step out of the car and Vasquez tries to explain the situation but things become heated when Robinson tries to take a piece of paper from Vasquez’s hand and begins grabbing his arm and slamming him on the hood of his squad car. The two fall to the ground as they struggle against each other. Robinson stands up and pulls out his stun gun. Reports said that Robinson fired and shocked Vasquez two times with the device. A dashboard camera captured the incident and Vasquez’s interview with another officer who responded to the call from the scene…

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But he didn’t even mess with Texas. 

Police officials confirmed that they have launched an investigation into the matter and the officer in the video has been placed on administrative duty. What is there to investigate? What could the old man in the video have possibly done that would put the officer in danger besides make him sit down and watch a “Matlock” marathon? 

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Source: Raw Story