Texas Cheerleader Loves To Hunt Big Game In Africa!

A 19 year old Texas Tech University student Kendall Jones has taken up a few hobbies while at school. She loves cheerleading, trying to get herself on a TV show and hunting wild African big game. Photos of Kendal posing with her kills including lions, hippos, and zebras on her Facebook page have really taken off with some folks taking offense at these images and others supporting her cause. Kendal says it is all in the name of good animal conservation.  I will let you judge for yourself and decide which way you will angrily respond, pro or con.

Is this one of those internet “sexuality tests” where if you notice the dead lion you fail?

Kendall hopes that her hunting activities will land her a television hosting gig by January 2015. Let’s hope that she is the new host of Dancing With The Stars! If they have Gary Busey dancing with a hungry leopard and the only thing stopping his neck from being sliced open was Kendal Jones with her crossbow; that’s some good television right there. All I’m saying.

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“Rare” White Rhino doesn’t mean that it’s near extinction, that’s just a description of how she wants the meat cooked.

In fact, if Kendall really wants to get her spot on television here are a few ideas she might want to get behind.

Texas Exotic BBQ Girl

Kendal could be a superhero for people who love eating exotic animals; she has a Batman style utility belt complete with her hunting rifle, crossbow and a large bottle of Texas style slathering barbecue sauce!

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Kendall loves posing with Zebras taking a nap.

Cooking With Kendall

They should allow weapons in Chili’s if you have to use them to kill your own meal, or pay to have someone else do it in front of you. I would gladly sit down for a flaming fajita if I could watch this girl expertly fight an African tiger. In fact this should be an option at all restaurants including salad bars and vegetarian joints. This would also make for a great reality television show for Kendall to host!

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Back at Texas Tech Kendall gives whole new meaning to the term “The Elephant Walk.”

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What TV show would you like to see Kendall host?

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