Texas Cheerleader Loves To Hunt Big Game In Africa!

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Jul. 01, 2014

A 19 year old Texas Tech University student Kendall Jones has taken up a few hobbies while at school. She loves cheerleading, trying to get herself on a TV show and hunting wild African big game. Photos of Kendal posing with her kills including lions, hippos, and zebras on her Facebook page have really taken off with some folks taking offense at these images and others supporting her cause. Kendal says it is all in the name of good animal conservation.  I will let you judge for yourself and decide which way you will angrily respond, pro or con.

Is this one of those internet “sexuality tests” where if you notice the dead lion you fail?

Kendall hopes that her hunting activities will land her a television hosting gig by January 2015. Let’s hope that she is the new host of Dancing With The Stars! If they have Gary Busey dancing with a hungry leopard and the only thing stopping his neck from being sliced open was Kendal Jones with her crossbow; that’s some good television right there. All I’m saying.

“Rare” White Rhino doesn’t mean that it’s near extinction, that’s just a description of how she wants the meat cooked.

In fact, if Kendall really wants to get her spot on television here are a few ideas she might want to get behind.

Texas Exotic BBQ Girl

Kendal could be a superhero for people who love eating exotic animals; she has a Batman style utility belt complete with her hunting rifle, crossbow and a large bottle of Texas style slathering barbecue sauce!

Kendall loves posing with Zebras taking a nap.

Cooking With Kendall

They should allow weapons in Chili's if you have to use them to kill your own meal, or pay to have someone else do it in front of you. I would gladly sit down for a flaming fajita if I could watch this girl expertly fight an African tiger. In fact this should be an option at all restaurants including salad bars and vegetarian joints. This would also make for a great reality television show for Kendall to host!

Back at Texas Tech Kendall gives whole new meaning to the term "The Elephant Walk."

What TV show would you like to see Kendall host?

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Well I guess she's accomplished what she wanted. She's the center of attention. And like so many of the new age celebrities that  preceded her, Honey Boo Boo, Pregnant and 16....she will probably be rewarded with her own "reality" show.  Something like the Steve Irwin show, only in reverse. She goes out and slaughters animals for fun.  Just so we're straight, she isn't killing these animals for food, just sport, and then posing with them with that dumb ass grin on her mug like they're the stuffed animals at the foot of some little kids bed. 

Knightwhosaymeh User

I'm all for hunting IF...... The animals aren't wasted. If I hunt, whatever I get, I try and not waste anything. Cook some Turkey Jerky and we're good to go! XD


I've always had a simple rule. I don't kill anything that isn't trying to kill me. That being said, she apparently isn't doing anything legally wrong. But based on her introduction I would say she seems to be a self gratifying, self centered individual that I have already devoted way too much time on. 

alpiccino User

Hunting is for cowards. I bet that if these animals had the power to be heavily armed and would respond the fire with accurate precision, there would be no "hunters", if there are people starving and they need to be fed, there is a billion different ways to put money together to help them out.

BlankTitanic User

Wow. just wow. What a total hunk of human garbage. That is the perfect example of what is wrong with America and why we are circling the drain. Posing like it's her stupid prom picture with an endangered animal she just killed...wow.

ceprn User

What a slunt; I hope she gets what she has coming.

HondaMagnaMan User

She ain't pretty she just looks that way

Dejected-Head User

She didn't kill the Rhino.  Here is the text post that break omitted "Here is the S African Vet administering treatment to the White Rhino I darted during the Green Hunt. The vet drew blood, took DNA samples, took body and head measurements, treated a leg injury and administered antibiotics. I felt very lucky to be part of such a great program and procedure that helps the White Rhino population through conservation."

Way to represent things accurately Break.com.  

Duv6 User

about 20 years ago the Kruger Park in South Africa announced that the elephant population was to large and were going to start a kull. then hundreds of people marched and tried to boycott the event. the head warden got a flat bed truck and dumped a starved giraffe at the main gates in front of protesters and said that if they don't kull all the animals will starve due to the way elephants feed of the land there was hardly any vegetation for any other animals, we are their predictor, by managing this the circle of life is balanced.

Chubbee User

All I can think is"I wonder how they taste" ...is that wrong

Lov2bugucool User

the only show she should get, is something like fix addiction or who is mentally ill and can cheerlead.... and what kinda cheerleading team that does not kick her out of the team for this massacre? 

How do people thrive from killing the innocent?

primodonald User

Wasn't there a porn star named Kendall Jones?

DoucheBaggins User

Someone should hunt,kill, stuff and mount her fugly kunt face.

mustangman6799 User

Man, you really can do ANYTHING if you're rich, can't you?  

Thors_thunder User

If you hunt for fun and not for food then make it an actual sport.  Grab a sword and a bowie knife and get to it.

Pinefang User

Must be great to be rich enough to travel all over the globe and shoot and kill innocent animals. What a life she has.  I hope there are very few people like her around, the environment sure doesn't need her kind in it.

AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 User

good night there is a reason she is hunting them. They have so many tags per year to sell, this helps the community financially as well as the over all animal herd it also provides the local villages with much needed food. You think she'd be shopping for a show if she was breaking the law.... not to mention many animals are taken due to them being aggressive towards villiages. I say if its legal, ENJOY and great shooting young lady! You folks should really grow up here. You think that hamburger you enjoy so much just committed suicide. Take a minute before you are so quick to condemn her actions and ask if anything has actually been done wrong. Hunters and outdoorsmen/women are the only real conservationists.


hope one day she gets owned by one of those beast!!!....

Thors_thunder User

I thought killing Elephants was against the law along with Rhinos?  Bet we do not turn her over to African officials.

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

19 and happy killing endangered species? This is so wrong.

AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 User

@Dejected-Head exactly! I didn't think they were killed. Didn't even know the facts of the thing but logic and knowledge prevail more than blind emotion... Thanks for the knowledge bomb!

Samuel-Brownfield-372 User

@Duv6 Who gives a shit about giraffes?!  Especially when there are awesome elephants...  Let nature run its course.

Duv6 User

@Chubbee the Zebra tastes great, African wild meat is lean and rich, not sure about the rest but should be better than a fat cow.

LawnBuffalo User

@Thors_thunder Yeah I never really understood how using a gun to hunt is in any way considered a sport.

iansan User

@AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 All you can think about is people? Go build a house in your local Zoo's lion pit and then beg for some one to come shoot the lions - that is essentially what is going on in Africa. These animals are becoming endangered and the false notion of "over population" is because the habitats are shrinking. Go educate yourself sir. 

WalkontheEdge User

@AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 I quote "
not to mention many animals are taken due to them being aggressive towards villiages"

So pretty much what you are said is that anyone can shoot you when you are near their home, Ironic. Animals are naturally aggressive, they lack the ability to pickup guns and kill other pray, So with that being said, when a human is aggressive towards others, we can just shoot them too. Just because we speak words and pretend we are civilize, doesn't mean we are different then an animal, WE ALL HAVE SURVIVAL INSTINCTS, its embedded into our DNA.

I quote again "You folks should really grow up here. You think that hamburger you enjoy so much just committed suicide." No we don't, farmers raise cattle, kills them and ships them, that a totally different from what this lady is doing. Any idiot can pickup a gun and shoot something. But its take true skills to use a bow or rocks, whatever.Just because idiot with gun shoots something, doesn't entitle her/him to a T.V. show, but then again. 90% of whats on T.V. is complete BS.

So when you tell someone "You folks should really grow up here." Maybe you should consider thinking about what you are talking about!

Duv6 User

@AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 well said, people are quick to judge, my family run a hunting company in South Africa.  A while back they hunted a bull elephant with an american party, sounds bad but the party paid enough money for my cousin to keep running the business and hire apox a dozen ppl so they can support their families. the elephant was rough and destroying food crops of a village 90% of the meat went back to the village and kids can walk safely to school.

JediKnightGUNZ User

@AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 While you may totally be correct in how what she does supports a greater good, there is something just a bit offputting about posing with proud pictures of the kills. Fact is, perception is truth in the media and out of context viewing of this undoubtedly will make people angry. 

To put it in perspective, I am not against abortion-but I dont want to see a mother in a picture with an aborted fetus. 

Mgamerrrr User

@AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 Hunting a species of an animal that just recently recovered from near extinction due to poaching to give a local community a few extra thousand dollars is never okay. I'd rather see the humans in the village dead (human population 7 billion+) than see another species go extinct(worldwide rhino population 20,000-21,000)  to only prolong the suffering of an already poor village sustaining themselves on selling the future of an entire species.

Killing cows bred for food is not the same as killing a rhino who's species is barely clinging to sustainability.

iansan User

@Thors_thunder Unfortunately lobbyists have convinced local African governments that elephants and rhinos are endangering human lives due to over population so governments issue very expensive permits to hunt the wild animals. The problem is, this over population is due to a shrinking habitat and not because the animals are magically flourishing for the past 100 years. 

African villages want to be towns, towns want to be cities, and they all want to have agriculture and oil which take up massive amounts of wild animal habitat. 

AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 User

@iansan @AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 Hey I ABSOLUTELY AGREE. I think if you are truely anti-hunting you MUST be anti human reproduction as the only reason they have bag limits on animals is b/c thats what the habitat can sustain and if they increase habitat size then bag limits go down. So if you are anti reproduction and anti terminal illness cures... both of which will reduce the human impact on animals. THEN i will here your argument.

AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 User


Unless i'm mistaken most of the rhino hunts are dart hunts meaning they are put down for tagging and research purposes. If one is to be killed it must be a problem animal. Honestly the only reason the rhino is doing as well as it is is ironically b/c of the hunters. You think the african govt gives 2 shits? Also alot of these animals are hunted on game preserves, which i hate. but then it is like killing cows with guns they are bred in captivity just to hunt.... takes a lot of money but in the end no harm to the natural population.

See there are alot of other scenarios to think about other than annie oakley running around shooting everything that moves in a bush.....

AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 User

@Shawn-Hicks-25 @AshleyandBrandon-Moore-578 @DoucheBaggins  boy aren't you the quick witted little shit??? LoL thats all fun and games from behind a keyboard. You see the difference is people with something to prove spend a lot of time trying to be mean to make themselves seem cool..... The ones that are confident in their own lives spend time trying to build up others.

And I'd be willing to be if in public you wouldn't be such a rude lil prick but probably try to buy me a beer.... lol internet thugs.... idiot