DC Comics Unveiled The Ugliest Batman You Will Ever See At Comic Con Today

We assume in an effort to ignite interest in DC Comics’ Variant Play Arts toyline, they came up with a real atrocious looking Batman for you to not enjoy. Released earlier today at San Diego’s Comic Con, the internet seems to be digging the new look. If you do enjoy this new Batman design, you’re probably drunk or high.

via Verge

Believe it or not, that’s Batman. I think it looks like a character out of Hellraiser, personally. Which wouldn’t be all that bad had they not screwed up an already perfect and favored look.

Designed by Tetsuya Nomura, this new Batman can opener is to be a part of a collectible toy line, so thankfully you won’t see this look in a comic or film anytime soon.  Also no word on when it will be released or if Tetsuya will lend his…talent…to the other figures in the collection which will include The Joker, Riddler, Catwoman and The Penguin.

Tetsuya is no stranger to weird, wacked out designs, having created the Kingdom Hearts game series and Final Fantasy XV. All of which I’m not a huge fan of so really it doesn’t sway me to like this new Batman look in the least. In fact, I hope after Comic Con is over, we can all forget about it.

But then again, it is a Variant design so to speak, so maybe the point is to do just a one off crazy look for him, get fanboys to buy this ‘once in a lifetime figuringe; and let it go. We can only hope.

Here’s a different angle that may help sell me on it.

Nope, still looks goofy. Ohhhhh, Comic Con.