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hgear by hgear on Dec. 10, 2012



are tough days for the Dallas Cowboys, of course, both on and off the field. And in the midst of tragedy, the team appears to be fracturing at the seams.

Several reports coming out of the Dallas camp indicate that after the Cowboys' win over Philadelphia last Sunday, team owner Jerry Jones and nose tackle Jay Ratliff got into a verbal confrontation so severe that team personnel had to separate the two. Jones, who has a habit of talking to players in the locker room after games to offer encouragement or prodding, apparently walked up to the oft-injured Ratliff and said just three words: "We need you."

Ratliff then got to his feet and an argument ensued. Credit Jones; the 70-year-old didn't back down from the 6-foot-4, 300-pound lineman (though the fact that Jones signs Ratliff's checks might h

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