This Little Girl Wants You To Stop Complaining About Trivial Bullsh*t

wookiejohnson by wookiejohnson on Jul. 14, 2014
If you've complained about anything in your life today, it's probably time to feel bad.

Tessa Evans is a normal toddler in every way, apart from the fact she's missing a nose. The 17-month-old was born with complete congenital arhinia, a condition so rare that spell check keeps underlining it in red. With only 40 documented cases throughout medical history, congenital arhinia means that Tessa has no sense of smell or sinuses, but she can still cough or catch a cold.

It's hard to look at that picture and still feel the need to complain about the idiot who screwed up your drive-thru order at Wendy's. Yeah, I know you wanted the Spicy Chicken Nuggets, and not the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. But at the end of the day, you were born with a nose, so shut up and deal with it.

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Despite this adversity, Tessa is a happy child. She loves to smile and dance and copy her big brothers and sisters. And although her parents love their little girl and think she’s perfect just the way she is, the desire to give her a more normal life has persuaded them to sign off on a series of surgeries that will give her a cosmetic nose. We hope it works out, and wish the best for this amazing kid. (Source)

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