This Little Girl Wants You To Stop Complaining About Trivial Bullsh*t

wookiejohnson by wookiejohnson on Jul. 14, 2014
Bech31 User

Some commenters are trolling in deep water on this one.

Children and the less fortunate should be off limits. I sometimes wonder how the Nazi's could kill children. I also think about all the hardship Nazi's caused to their own and others. 

Now, I also feel better. 

Rick_S User

Just because someone out there has it worse than me doesn't mean that my problems don't exist or aren't big to me.  I told my older daughter that I couldn't come and visit her in the long term mental hospital today because my younger daughter tried to kill herself last night, and had to be admitted to the short term mental hospital instead.  So don't tell me not to complain because someone else has it worse than me.

mustangman6799 User

Does she not also have a trachetomoty?  Guess she's not completely normal, eh?  Sucks for her though.  Way to go mom.  Should have aborted that thing and tried again.  But, you probably thought her life was precious and blah blah blah, so you'll let all the feel goods you get while your spawn suffers, reinforce your decision.  Hopefully she'll be normal enough that she won't have a horrible life because of your poor decision. God isn't real- he didn't actually make her like that to come out of your vagina and teach you something.  It's called a mistake and modern medicine is able to detect and eliminate them before they're turned into people.

jclv User

I can't help but think of Krillin from Dragon Ball Z.

evildog77 User

Lucky girl. She'll never know the horror of smelly immigrant neighbors.

Adam-Campbell-257 User

so dumb wait till the kid is older for the sergury when medical science is more advance who nose maybe she han have a real working nose put on and in all reality she was born that way she has no understanding of smell so its not like she misses it its just like a blind person just think she could become the happiest septic cleaner in the world never smell crap no fart could ever upset her but then again we use are tongue in some ways to detect smells i think i could be wrong like if you farted next to her she would taste your fart boy thats a tough one that would piss me off k now i feel bad for her if she was my daughter id so put a cute red clown nose on her till she got a new nose

Dockavorkian User

Brings a whole  new meaningto the game "gotch yer nose!"

dude-guy-person UserTop Commenter

I wish her a happy and healthy life, she has a wonderful smile.

Lemonjuice43 User

I'm sure one day she'll complain about the idiot who screwed up on her drive-thru order at Wendy's

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

What bothers me is saying she is normal. She has this condition, why trying to make her "normal"? Her gift is actually NOT being normal and by so we "normal" people might take a moment to be more appreciative of what we have.

TheFaz User

@Rick_S Yeah we all have problems. Maybe you shouldn't attach so much importance to a comment on a funny videos website and stop taking it personally.

Simon-Irvine-333 User

@mustangman6799 What a horrible outlook on life you have. Perhaps it's yourself that should have ended up down your mothers throat rather than in her womb. Also, judging by your screen name, you sound like a class A douche

mustangman6799 User

@dude-guy-person  That's like saying, "Let me set you up with my friend Bertha!  She has a great personality".  As soon as that comes out, you know she's a swamp beast.

mustangman6799 User

@Simon-Irvine-333   Lets break your comment down, shall we?  First sentence, opinion and speculation.  2nd, opinion.  3rd,  irrelevant.  So, you don't even bother to argue a single point I made, instead, you just "attack" me?  Way to go, so incredibly unique Simon-Irvine-333.  You really got me there.  Believe it or not Simon-Irvine-333, not every sperm/egg combination becomes a masterpiece and like I said, we now have technology that can detect the defective works and eliminate them before they have to suffer until they die.  Callous?  Maybe.  Fact?  Yes.  So, if you ever try to think, and would like to respond, I'd be willing to read what you wrote.

TheFaz User

@mustangman6799 @TheFaz @Simon-Irvine-333 So you'd abort your child because it has no sense of smell? This childs problem is cosmetic which can be easily fixed. So yeah, your comment is accurate in the sense that it's moronic.

mustangman6799 User

@TheFaz  You think that kid is normal, other than lacking a nose and sense of smell?  Do you see her eyes?  Do you see the tracheotomy? I guarantee you there are more problems here than what are being shown for the sole purpose of gaining sympathy for the kid and parents.  But to answer your question, you're damn right I'd abort a fetus if it was going to be severely deformed or more than likely to have an incredibly difficult life because of serious retardation.  I don't think I'd be able to live with myself forcing that kind of lifelong pain and humiliation on another human- let alone my own child.  You think I'm sadistic for saying that, I think you're inhuman for not.