Does This Buttermilk Brand Have A Questionable Looking New Package?

Those folks in England know how to have a good time with their buttermilk packaging.

Recently, the brand Tesco which is also a chain of grocery stores in England and the United Kingdom revealed the new packaging for their line of buttermilk. Needless to say, it looks a little questionable.

Yeah, that kinda looks like a penis.

Of course, with the added wrinkle on the packaging to the right, it definitely makes it clear that male genitalia is looming in the aisles next to grandma’s favorite yogurt. Of course we aren’t the only pervy people to notice the unbearable likeness on the new carton. Others have begun to speak out as well, as hilarious as it might seem.

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Tesco has yet to make any comment toward the new design, and why should they? Personally, I think It’s brilliant because we’re all talking about it. It being a buttermilk product of all things, which let’s face it, never happens ever. So maybe it’s time America steps it up, huh? Your move, Pillsbury. Let’s see some questionable chaps on that doughboy soon.

Now the bigger question is, does this design make you thirsty for buttermilk or not?

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source: Metro