Signs of the Apocalypse

The world is more or less going swimmingly, isn’t it?  We have cool DLC for Mortal Kombat X, fairs will deepfry any food you can imagine and the internet has more hilarious videos than you can shake a stick at.  But don’t start dancing just yet, there are looming signs of the sci fi apocalypse we all feared around every corner.  Behold this week’s signs of the apocalypse!


  • Mimics the bug called a water boatman
  • Used for cleaning water
  • The Row-Boat “feeds” on dirty water
  • When lower on power, it opens its mouth and consumes nutrient rich dirty water, digesting it in a microbial fuel cell stomach
  • The bio-degradation of organic matter creates electricity to fuel the robot
  • This is not exactly like the Matrix, it’s just a worse version where the robot eats you instead of keeping you alive

Liquid Metal Nanobots

  • Researchers have developed a way to fuse nanoparticles of liquid metal with several types of molecules that effectively seek out cancer in a living host
  • Once introduced to the blood stream the particles are drawn to cancer cells
  • The cancer cell absorbs the particle
  • The particle then releases anti-cancer drugs which kill the cell
  • This is exactly how the Borg on Star Trek are created except instead of killing a cell, they assimilate it.  Not that we’re that technologically advanced yet.  Yet.



  • Midway through the last century, the Gros Michel banana went nearly extinct
  • Panama Disease wiped out the Gros Michel, then the world’s most consumed species of banana, and the Cavendish took over
  • A new strain of Panama Disease, which probably can’t be stopped, is threatening the Cavendish variety
  • Since bananas are a monoculture and nearly identical plants, what threatens one  tree threatens all trees
  • Once the new disease reaches Latin America and the bulk of banana crops, the Cavendish will likely be destroyed and a new variety of banana will need to be cultivated
  • If there are any bananas immune to the new Panama disease, expect them to be a worse version of the Cavendish.  You may never have a tasty banana again

TV Make Stoopid? 

  • Research has shown that an inactive life style in front of a screen leads to lower cognitive function later in life
  • We’re all doomed and we’ll be too dumb to realize it when it happens