Does This Text Prove We’ve Found The Worst Man On Tinder?

Online dating has made finding someone compatible a little bit easier. For a lot of people, walking up to a complete stranger in public is maybe one of the worst things anyone would have to go through. It’s terrible. But when this guy says a woman needs to “recognize superiority”, he’s not making it any easier for normal acting guys to approach women online either. And certainly not helping to make women more approachable on the dating site Tinder.

Here is the worst example of how to talk to a woman on Tinder (or anywhere).





I’m curious of his age considering he’s referencing Sex and the City, the timeliest of references. It looks as if he was messaging from Facebook and from his cell phone, which makes him that much crazier?

Clearly it’s this man’s first day on earth, otherwise he’d know that “you can put my meat in your mouth” will only get him so far with a complete stranger, especially a woman.

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source: Imgur