Teresa Palmer: Hot Zombie


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Instead of warning, “the English are coming!” Americans need to heed that it’s “the Australians that are coming!” Joining the wave of Australian actors who’ve infiltrated Hollywood with their good looks and fake American accents is actress Teresa Palmer who hails from Adelaide, Australia, a smallish city in Southern Australia that’s the gateway to one of the Down Under’s wine regions. After appearing in local Australian productions and being named an Australian “Star of tomorrow” by Screen International, Teresa caught Hollywood’s attention after playing a suicidal teenager in a 2006 independent film, 2:37. After the film appeared at the Cannes Film Festival, Teresa was immediately signed by an American manager and agent. After moving to Los Angeles, Teresa’s career had a series of highs and lows after she was cast in several big feature films, some which never went into production.  However, Teresa’s career finally took off when she was handpicked by Adam Sandler to be in his first family movie, Bedtime Stories (2008). Teresa also co-starred with Nicolas Cage in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (201) and Topher Grace in Take Me Home Tonight (2011). In 2013, Teresa played a zombie when she starred in the zombie love story, Warm Bodies. In her latest role, Teresa is starring as one of the actresses whose private and intimate photos were leaked in the second round of hacked Apple iCloud accounts which happened in late September 2014. Teresa’s photoleak involves around 30 pictures, all in hotel rooms in two different settings. Welcome to America, Aussie.


In most of the pictures, Teresa is either topless in a hot tub or naked in a bathtub. It’s almost like someone has a fascination with her bathing rituals. The pictures seem to be vacation pictures since the hot tub photos are set against what seems to be a tropical setting. From the angle of the shots, somebody else is taking the pictures. The second setting is of a very nice hotel room with Theresa in a bathtub in the background. From the view, the city looks like it could be Los Angeles. There are several pictures of Teresa in the bathtub and in one shot, she’s taking a shower. There are also a few pictures of her lying around naked in a hotel room and although it’s clear she’s nude, you can only see her nice breasts and butt. There are a couple of pictures naked Teresa is not alone. In one selfie, she’s with a guy who is eating salad and wearing only a towel. In another selfie, she’s with the same guy. And in the third picture, Teresa is holding a dog who is also naked. 

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Teresa has not come out with a public statement about her leaked pictures. However, under fire from the celebrities and public outcry, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a statement in response to the leaks. He said Apple is taking additional steps to protect the security of iCloud users by using a two-factor authentication in new versions of their software and operating systems. Cook stated that Apple “wants to do everything we can do to protect our customers, because we are as outraged if not more so than they are.” Doubt that.

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It would depend on the year. Since Teresa has arrived in the U.S., she’s dated a slew of her co-stars from Russell Brand to Adam Brody to Topher Grace. Now the actress is a happily married mom and admits that her need to mother people had been a key factor in her past relationships. She said, “Because of my past and my upbringing, I’m a nurturer. I want to fix people.” Teresa’s parents are divorced and her mother is manic depressive. She said she realized she had to break her behavior pattern and dated Canadian actor, Scott Speedman before meeting her husband, actor and musician Mark Webber. Speedman, best known for the TV series, Felicity and the Underworld movies, also has the distinction of being the guy eating salad in the photo with Teresa. Teresa married Webber in 2013 and gave birth to their son, Bodhi in 2014. The couple met when Teresa contacted Webber via Twitter after seeing the trailer for his film, End of Love. She felt like they had a lot in common. Yes, she contacted him.  The two traded emails which Teresa likens to old-fashioned love letters before meeting. Teresa says she feels very lucky to have found him, “My family and friends really love him,” she said in a Herald Sun interview, “I think he’s changed my perspective on a few things about my life.” Like looks don’t really count when you truly love someone. How sweet.  

Teresa and husband, Mark Webber

teresa and husband