Tennis Player Bounced From French Open After Acting Like An Ace-Hole

Bonjour, Breakers. Le trigger warning: truly déclassé behavior on display in this video. It resulted in the expulsion of a player from the French Open.

In it, Maxime Hamou, the 287th-rated player in the world, is interviewed live on camera by Maly Thomas about his recent defeat. Now, tensions run high at a high-stakes sporting event, and being interviewed on-camera will make anyone a little nervous, and we all deal with such stress in our own ways, but that still doesn’t excuse the repeated, forceful cheek-pecking on a clearly squirming Ms. Thomas displayed here. Seriously, bro, if your first shot is way outside the lines, just “let” it be.

The journalist played it off like a pro, though told the Huffington Post that if the interview had not been live, she would have punched him. Sounds like there’s no “love” lost between these two! But seriously, gentlemen, please don’t go making a “game” out of crossing “set” boundaries.

Trying to figure out how to work a “Pictures of ‘Match’-stick Men” reference in here.

Anyway, the French Tennis Federation has stripped Maxime of his accreditation. Better luck next time pal, and I don’t mean at kissing reporters.

Of course, we couldn’t write up a video about an athlete acting inappropriately amorous toward a female reporter without embedding this classic with Joe Namath. Give the guy credit: he drew the line at “wanna.”