20 Unused 'Jurassic Park' Posters That Almost Made It To Theaters

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Aug. 07, 2014

Remove the words Jurassic Park from the official poster and you still know what movie it is. That's the sign of a solid poster.

Whenever a film is made, a team of designers begins to build the marketing campagin, including the film's official poster, one of the more valuable pieces in selling the movie. Jurassic Park has one of the most famous logos in history, parodied even by Weird Al, but what did the other options look like before a decision was finally made?

Here's a collection of 20 temp Jurassic Park movie posters designed by legendary poster artist John Alvin (Gremlins, The Lion King, Young Frankenstein) came up with before going with the classic minimal look of the title and logo, surrounded in black.





















It's interesting to see the designs that made it past the sketch and into a more fully realized poster with the finished titled design and credits. Pretty cool. Although I'm still glad they went with the poster burned into our memories.

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source: IGN

Governator User

The top one, #20 is good except they never had a helicopter with a search light in the movie lol.  Maybe a deleted scene?

Billyraymontana User

Isn't it funny that "Dino prints" look idential to Turkey and Emu tracks? Where are these 3 toed reptiles walking on two legs today?