Teenager Arrested For Impersonating A Police Officer While Buying Ice Cream

From the looks of these pictures he posted to Instagram it seems like this kid found his dad’s clothes and decided to play dress up as a police officer last week.

That’s adorbs. “Sorry Officer, I didn’t know I was driving that fast in my Power Wheels.”

A New Hampshire teenager, Chase Lacasse –which is totally not the name of a Batman villain, was arrested April 1st for what could have been a bit of silly  April Fool’s Day shenanigans.

However, Lacasse was charged with impersonating an officer of the law when he went to the King Kone Ice Cream Parlor dressed in full uniform with New Hampshire State Police patches, telling everyone he was a cop.

It would be awesome if he was standing on his friend’s shoulders under the uniform.

Someone called the real cops around 11:30AM Wednesday when they noticed that the nineteen year-old was carrying a handgun on his hip.


This guy is nineteen?! Oh hell no, lock this nutter up. Apparently the young man was really intent on one day becoming an officer and posted many photos to his Instagram account posing in police uniforms, in a patrol car and showing off his gun.

A little old to be playing cops and robbers.

No word on why he hadn’t just applied to the academy to earn his badge and gun the old fashioned way.

Bang! Bang! This is his gun.

He will have plenty of time to meet real officers as they investigate his case while he is on the wrong side of the law. Maybe there will be a crooked cop to take him under his wing.  

“You need to earn that badge, boy!”

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Source: Vocativ