Teen Girl Fakes Pregnancy With Triplets Using “Fake a Baby” Website

One of the lowest things that any human being can do is pretend to have a disease or some kind of medical condition that tugs on people’s heart strings just so some con artist can suck money out of them. It’s only slightly less worse than kicking a puppy like a football but not by much. So imagine the horror that people who donated money felt when they learned that a teenage girl who told everyone she was having triples turned out to be faking with the help of a baby faking website. 

That’s right. I can hear your shock ringing in my ears. “Oh my word!” you exclaim probably like a Southern belle in a Civil War epic. “There’s a website that helps you pretend you’re pregnant?!? Heavens to Betsy!” 

When I hear “home of the”- you better be talking about giant burritos, NOT THIS.

Law enforcement officials in Wyandotte, Michigan claim that an unidentified 16-year-old used doctored evidence from a prank website called FakeABaby.com. Yes, this is a real thing.

Not since Rotten has so much evil been proudly posted on the Internet.

She allegedly used a fake pregnancy belly and fake ultrasound pictures to prove that she was having triples. Why are the police involved? She also took thousands of dollars in gift and cash donations from people who wanted to help her raise three fake babies. It turns out that raising fake children isn’t all that expensive. 

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Even the girl’s boyfriend didn’t know that the pregnancy was fake. The boyfriend said he grew suspicious about the pregnancy when the girlfriend wouldn’t let him or his family talk to her doctor about the triplets.

The boyfriend went to a website called “fake being happy about being a teen dad.” Bonus: most appropriate T- shirt ever.

And as if this little stunt couldn’t feel lower, the final straw came when the girlfriend claimed that all three of the babies died before she was scheduled to give birth to them.

When questioned by police, the girl told detectives that she lost all three children while she was six weeks pregnant. Hopefully she has learned her lesson and with judgement like his, decide to never actually have real babies.

Which is worse; that she did this or that a “Fake a Baby” website exists?

Source: UPI