A Kentucky Teen Lit Himself On Fire Because A Facebook Video Told Him To

Back in my day, when we wanted to entertain ourselves with goofy internet video challenges, we would do fun, wholesome stuff like the Cinnamon Challenge, the Five Saltine Challenge, and Butt Chugging. That last one is the thing where you shove a funnel up your rectum and pour in booze to get drunk quicker. You know, for when your mouth isn’t working.  

The good old days! Kids today don’t know how to do safe, smart challenges like The Butt Chug.

One unnamed 15-year-old Lexington, Kentucky, boy found out the hard way that you shouldn’t always accept challenges from people on Facebook and YouTube.

This is not the idiot in question. It's another idiot.

The teenager, who was otherwise probably destined to find the cure for AIDS, thought it would be a stellar idea to copy a “Fire Challenge” video – which hysterical mothers and the local news will tell you is a “huge epidemic” right now.

Fire Challenge videos are videos of idiots spraying themselves with aerosol cans, or pouring rubbing alcohol on portions of their bodies, and then lighting the fluid on fire in order to singe off hair. If you agree to do a Fire Challenge – you have already failed - as a human. That's the real challenge.

This teen will learn from his mistake and become a doctor one day.

Firefighters took the boy to the hospital where he was diagnosed with second degree burns. Doctors say he will suffer from the effects of the burns for the rest of his life. I’m going to go ahead and call this a Kentucky Sunburn.

After the incident, the remorseful teen wanted to warn people to learn from his mistake, and said the following. No, really, this is a quote:

“You can get caught on fire and die, your house can get caught on fire, wherever you’re at can get caught on fire… don’t light yourself on fire for any reason.”

Challenge accepted.

What did you guys learn from this?

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