Teen Artist Proposes Nude Cosby Statue With A Fat Albert Face Covering His Junk

As he did for many people Bill Cosby served as a role model and inspiration for young artist Rodman Edwards. That’s why in light of recent events the teenage wants to give a “proper” tribute to Cosby by sculpting a representation of his true nature. Currently a bust of Cosby is at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame in North Hollywood, CA and in Orlando, FL.

Cosby: stone cold.

Edwards hopes to have them replace it with this proposed sculpture:

You’ll be crying too after looking at this.

The statue which he calls “Fat Albert Cries For Dr. Huxtable” features the comedy legend nude, old and with his cartoon character Fat Albert covering his.. Fat Albert while crying.


Edwards argues that just because someone has been inducted into a Hall of Fame, doesn’t mean that this honor can be revoked. After all the statue of Penn State coach Joe Paterno was removed following the scandal surrounding his football team. Edwards just wants to offer a more “appropriate” statue.

Even if the TV Hall of Fame doesn’t agree to replace the Cosby bust with his “tribute” Edwards will be having his sculpture shown at The Corey Allen Contemporary Art Showroom… or CACA. You may remember CACA as the art group that was going to have a gallery showing of “The Fappening” photos before Jennifer Lawrence’s lawyers had some other advice for them.

No word on if “Fat Albert Cries For Dr. Huxtable” will be featured at the TV Academy’s Hall of Fame. Do you think they should?

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Source: Creators Project