Brian The Dog Killed Peter O’ Toole

We can thank Seth MacFarlane for the death of legendary actor Peter O’ Toole this week because he voided the last “celebrities die in 3’s” chapter.  Recently, it was the unfortunate deaths of Paul Walker, Nelson Mandela and famed cartoon character Brian the dog from Family Guy, when last night Brian returned to the show very much alive causing a rift in the celebrity death clause.  So someone had to fill the void it seemed.



Unfortunately Peter O’ Toole, who was 81 passed away this morning, bringing peace to the long-standing theory.  O’Toole was an acclaimed actor, receiving an honorary Academy Award in 2003 and was last nominated for Best Actor in 2006 for the film “Venus”.  I personally appreciate his work best in the movie “High Spirits” with Steve Guttenberg and Liam Neeson.

So, it is with sad news that Peter O’ Toole has claimed the third spot in this season’s “Celebrities Die in 3’s” chapter.  Thanks a lot, Seth.


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– TODD SPENCE (twitter)