30 Behind The Scenes Pics From The Making Of TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jul. 04, 2014

What better way to celebrate America today than with the most patriotic movie ever made. Team America directed by Trey Parker and written by Trey, Matt Stone and Pam Brady, was released 10 years ago in October of 2004.  And today is really the greatest reason to celebrate its existence. So we found a pretty amazing collection of behind the scenes photos from Team America: World Police to share with you on America's birthday. America! F*CK YEAH!

Now I have to watch this movie for a third time today. Have a happy and safe 4th of July, everyone! @TODD_SPENCE

tuckcp53 User

Waiting for the second one... : )

Graeme-Robert-943 User

most patriotic movie ever? 

you know this was taking the piss out of america right?

DressUpYourPet User

The most amazing thing to me is not the puppets.  The most amazing thing:  It had a script?

The score for this movie was done in two or three days because apparently no one cared.  Thats why the lyrics are what they are.  "Comin here to save the motherf$ckin day YEAH"  

Not even an oscar nod for this classic film.