This Teacher’s Facebook Post Regarding Sex With Students Got Him Suspended

Another teacher is in hot water over sexual relations between a student and their teacher, only this educator had actually nothing to do with the crime. It’s what they wrote on their facebook page that got them in trouble with the school board, and eventually suspended.

Sean Patrick Kane, a South Hills high school art teacher in California decided he couldn’t hold his tongue any longer when it came to his female colleagues getting arrested for having sex with an underaged student. Not that he condemned their actions, it was more the fact that he couldn’t believe the male students blabbed about it, ruining the good time they were getting.

Sounds like Kane is on Team Sex with a Minor, which when it comes to facebook (oh, and also being a teacher), that team is probably not a good side to be on publicly. You know everyone can read this, right?

Kane wrote:

I just got one thing to say. As many of you know especially those of you whom were once former students and now adults and are my friends on facebook and posting about it two female teachers (colleagues of mine) got arrested for going on summer vacations with and sleeping with some of the male students… Hey… all I gotta say is EVERYONE KNEW MISS [redacted] who was the high school algebra teacher (who also flunked me twice for not “showing my work”) w/as f****** the popular senior boys at my highschool when I was there. So what?!.. All I want to know is what the fuck is in the heads of the dudes who banged these ladies and then squealed? … S*** man! You should have just kept your stupid mouths shut and enjoyed it. I have no idea what the f*** is going on anymore.

And if you’re curious, these are the colleagues he seems to be defending. Melody Lippert, 38, and Michelle Ghirelli, 30 were arrested for having sex with high school students at a beach party in December and also providing the party with alcohol. The two were placed on paid administrative leave.

No word when Kane will be allowed to teach art again, but if I was a parent with a daughter, I certainly wouldn’t want her having him as a teacher. How about you?

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source: Daily News