Teacher Humiliates Student With Bikini Pics

If you’re a teacher, what better way is there to educate your students about online privacy than by sharing potentially embarrassing pictures of them with the student body? It turns out there are several better ways.  Probably every way is better.  But, you know, humiliation is one way.

A teacher at England’s most Britishly-named school, Eggbuckland Community College, has come under fire after he downloaded a teenage student’s bikini photo from Facebook and shared it at a school assembly to illustrate the pitfalls of social networking.


Though the student and her family are quite upset, the school apologized while still defending the teacher’s actions.

Just look how inappropriate this is

“She wanted to illustrate how freely available such images are, through the internet. We are really sorry for the way in which this important message was delivered,” a spokesperson said.


This isn’t so much a Teacher from Hell story as it is a Teacher from Dumbassingtonshire story. Things could be worse. In the past, we’ve seen teachers shame their students for wearing the “wrong” team jersey, or prank their class of young children with the fake promise of a trip to Disney World. Though that doesn’t really excuse this action.


If you’re a teacher, don’t download pictures of your students in bikinis. That’s something they should teach as a rule of thumb in Teacher School. Hopefully, the administrators at Eggland’s Best Community College will find a fair way to reprimand this teacher. Perhaps by posting her bikini pics around the school? And then online if they prove to be a hit???