Teacher Responds To A Student’s Invite To Have Female Classmates Sleepover

Finding out your early morning college class got cancelled for the day is easily one of the best feelings a student could possibly obtain. Getting in trouble over a stupid email joke is probably one of the worst.

Students at Wisconsin University found out the afternoon before that their class the following morning would be cancelled and that the teacher asked that they use this time to continue sleeping in their respective beds. Hilariously enough, one student responded with a gracious invite to his female classmates in the case they needed a place to fulfill these requirements.

Points go to the guy for being actually funny about this, and not just gross.

Unfortunately for student John Dunn, his joke didn’t hit his teacher the way he had hoped. I’m sure when Dunn spotted the reply from his teacher in his inbox, he figured he’d at least receive a less than threatening message.

Now on one hand, obviously its a joke since he sent it to not one other student, but literally everyone in the class. At the same time, if it makes the female students uncomfortable rather than accepting it as a “joke”, that point is moot. Of course, the teacher isn’t waiting to find out if anyone is uncomfortable or waiting for a complaint of any kind before conjuring up some sort of punishment “in proportion to the offense commited”. Offense might be a little strong, but that’s college rules for ya.

I just hope this guy learned his lesson, before he starts sending emails like this at work, joke or not. Something tells me he did.

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source: Total Frat Move