Teacher Plays Dead After Student Tosses Her To Ground For Grabbing Him

There’s been discussion over the past several years on whether or not the American education system is falling behind those in other countries. This video does not provide a definitive answer to that debate, however it does feature a grown woman pretending to be dead after falling to the ground:

From the start of the video we can’t really tell who’s a t fault – did the teacher start the fight or the kid? Who grabbed who first? Why was the kid in the front of the classroom in the first place? Normally I’d side with the teacher by default, but the fact that she’s hankering for a worker’s comp at the end of the video really busts my balls about being on her side.

Besides, the kid only sort of tossed her to the ground – he may be taller, but she’s got a solid 20-30 pounds on him. All he really did was do a quick step behind her and let a combination of momentum and gravity take care of the rest.

That’s not to say the kid should’ve put his hands on the teacher – but between the two of them, they’re both real pieces of work.