Is This Young Curvy Teacher’s Dress Inappropriate For Kids? #TeacherBae Trends

We’ve written about many cases in which teacher’s have inappropriate relationships with students but we rarely get a story about a teacher wearing what many are calling inappropriate clothing in the classroom. No, she’s not wearing a tube top with gym shorts, she’s wearing just a very normal classy dress actually. However it’s her curvy figure that really draws the eye.

F is for Fashionable Heels, kids!

The Atlanta teacher in question’s name, hold onto your chair, is Paris Monroe and she caught the attention of the internet after posting a few of her “ready to teach” fashion choices to social media sparking a huge debate on whether or not it’s actually appropriate attire. Her instagram page is currently private unfortunately but we did find out that her real name is Patrice Brown. Man, right when Paris Monroe was starting to grow on us too.

There are a few other images of the elementary school teacher showing off her various classroom attire but the above photo is really the one that sparked the debate. Frankly, anything she wears outside of a trash bag is gonna really showcase her curves and fine figure, so what the hell else is she supposed to do?

The part however that few are focusing on is that Monroe actually won Educator of the Month at her school. She wrote to the press stating that she mainly wants people to focus on how important education is, not how well she pours into a tight dress. But that didn’t stop people from getting the hashtag #TeacherBae trending with everyone in the world tweeting their two cents. The conversation is beginning to grow past her attire and jokes about how fathers are looking forward to Parent/Teacher Day and more the fact that people can’t focus on how great of a job she’s doing purely as an educator, instead sexualizing someone the first chance the internet can get.

All I know is no one is talking about what Oprah is wearing today.

So do YOU think this teacher’s attire is inappropriate?

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