Teacher Has Worst Attempt At Cover-Up After Student Tells Police They Had A ‘Sexual Relationship’

The whole point of becoming a teacher is to mold youthful minds into productive and (hopefully) intelligent members of society. Some are successful in leading their students towards a bright future, whereas others…well, they’re mostly there for the guaranteed three-month-long vacation in the summer. And if you’re a particularly rancid piece of shit, you wind up becoming the newest addition to the list of teachers who’ve had a teacher student sex scandal. 23-year-old Morgan Judy, a supply teacher at both Linton-Stockton High School and Bloomfield High School, falls into that last category.

Indiana’s got enough problems already, they don’t need to add this lady diddling their kids to the six trillion other issues they’re dealing with. Ever visited Gary, Indiana?

Abandoned classroom in Gary, Indiana. [1280 × 1920] from r/AbandonedPorn

Abandoned High School in Gary, Indiana (3264 x 2448) [OC] from r/AbandonedPorn

It’s basically a shittier version of Detroit; no one really talks about it because Detroit has better name recognition, but at least Detroit is getting better – Gary is about two heroin needles away from an apocalypse.

According to Greene County Daily World, Morgan invited an unnamed student to a party through Twitter. The kid went, and while there he and Judy kissed – though they did not have sex (anyone else here sad at the fact that I felt the need to specify that?)  Morgan, however, denies any kiss took place but admits that she was intoxicated. State Police Detective Brad Stille wrote in his report that “later, Morgan was confronted about (student) admitting to kissing, Morgan replied that she didn’t remember due to alcohol, but would have remembered if she and (student) had sex. Morgan said she probably did invite (student) to the party.”

Unfortunately for Morgan, during a follow-up interview after police had searched both her and the student’s phones the student admitted that the pair had done more than kiss. Morgan then admitted to the kiss, but further denied anything else. “Morgan advised that she deleted the communication between (student) off of her phone because ‘it would look bad,’” Stille reported.

At this point you’d think that Morgan would get her shit together and destroy the student’s phone, but remember – this girl is 23. Even though she’s teaching high schoolers she’s still young enough to be a complete dipshit, hence why she’s hitting on underage kids and inviting them to parties.

Just because you hold a position of authority, doesn’t mean you’re an authority on anything.

Morgan Judy tries to hide her crime

Morgan’s teacher student sex scandal hit its peak this month, when the student reportedly gave police more details about the “incident.” Not only had he backed up the texts from Morgan on  his computer, but the messages showed that she had told him to delete the texts, deny anything had happened between them, and tell people she was “incoherent and couldn’t even speak a straight sentence lol” on the night in question.

“Morgan told (student) to delete the text messages and the Twitter messages, her contact number from (student’s) cell phone and to stop texting her,” Stille wrote in his report, going on to say how Morgan told the student not to tell anyone that the “hickies” on him were from her, and that she had “huge hickies” on her neck as well.

Morgan currently faces a Level 5 and 6 felony child seduction charge. She was booked into Greene County Jail at 4:56 p.m. on a $14,000 bond, and there is no word yet on when her next court date will be.

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