Outrage: Teacher Forces Students To Slap Each Other Who Were Late To Class!

For Today In Outrage we go to China where a university teacher is in hot water for forcing students to slap each other for being late to class! As photo and video of the slap fest emerged the instructor was hit with the old outrage machine. What’s the problem – is corporal punishment upsetting their safe space?

The slap happy teacher named Lu Ping took his students to task for constantly being tardy and said enough is enough. So last Thursday when his pupils rolled into class, with I assume a Starbucks latte in one hand, laptop in the other while wearing unwashed sweat pants at Hexi University School of Medicine in Gansu Province- he paired off men and women and made them SLAP each other upside their head before they could enter. BAM.

 Lu Ping wasn’t going to let the students get away with a light brush on the cheek either. When the students didn’t slap “hard enough” he encouraged them to hit HARDER. At one point he jumps in to demonstrate exactly the correct level of force. I don’t think those students will be late for class again. Win one for the teacher, right?

Another student not participating in the slapping (so a good kid who actually showed up on time) covertly took pics and video and posted them to social media. This led to Chinese authorities and the university to investigate. In a statement the school said:

“Hexi University has been investigating the incident overnight and held an emergency meeting to look at how the incident should be dealt with.”

How they dealt with it, it was later reported, was by dismissing the teacher! After forcing Lu Ping to apologize for the slapping he will now be looking for a friendlier work environment that allows slapping.

Maybe if we stop treating students like snowflakes and show them that there are consequences in life they would actually do better. If we instituted this “One Slap” policy across the world, millennials would shape up pretty quickly. Think about it! If every time they were late they got a good whack, they wouldn’t be late to begin with.

Back in the day teachers would beat the crap out of kids and we landed a man on the moon. You do the math! No really, learn your god damn math or this teacher is going to punch everyone in the face.

Break Question of The Day!

Should we bring back corporal punishment?

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