Teacher Arrested, Asked Why Superintendent Got Raise While Teachers Rot (Video)

Most videos these days are less than two minutes long and feature either a bunch of flashing lights, weird music or animals doing cute shit. This video is none of those things; there are no special effects, no soundtrack and zero animals. By Internet standards it should be the most boring 12 minutes of your life, and yet here I am, sitting at my desk with a pitchfork in hand ready to hoist the Vermilion Superintendent by his whitey-tideys onto a flagpole and then burn the whole damn thing to the ground.

If you’re looking to get pissed but don’t want to sit through the whole 12 minutes, skip to about the 33-second mark to hear teacher Deisha Hargrave speak, then skip to 6:10 to hear her get all “WTF” about the fact that a raise for Superintendent Jerome Puyau was just approved – it all goes downhill from there:

Do you smell that? It’s the scent of a lawsuit drifting through the air.

While it’s unclear whether the marshal was acting on his own accord or on the orders of the board members, no matter what everyone here is in the wrong except Deisha. Can you guess how much of a raise the superintendent got? Not $5,000, not $8,000 – nope, dude got a THIRTY-EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLAR RAISE. That’s right – his raise was high enough that I put it all in caps so that it’d register an even bigger ping in your heart. At that amount they could’ve hired an additional teacher to handle overflow from increasing class sizes, but why help shape the minds of America’s youth for the better when you can buy yourself an above-ground pool instead?

It probably doesn’t help that Puyau is said to have been “intimidating towards some teachers and principals” during his tenure; while some school board members have defended him, this video seems like a pretty heavy nail in the coffin.

Sadly, this sort of thing isn’t unique to just Louisiana despite it being America’s educational septic tank – this year the president of Cal Poly Pomona got a $292,000 raise this year despite instructor salaries barely moving.