The Camerawoman Who Tripped Fleeing Refugees Is Now Going To Sue THEM!

By now you have heard the story of the delightful Hungarian camerawoman named Petra Laszlo, who while covering the Syrian refugee crisis last month was filmed tripping and kicking refugees. Maybe she was trying to make this story more interesting? Got to bump up those ratings, yeah?  I guess hundreds of human beings clutching their children and running for their lives wasn’t compelling enough news.

She was immediately fired from her job at news outlet N1TV, which pro or con, sounds like the “Fox News of Hungary” and is now facing a criminal trial. Now she plans to sue one of those refugees carrying a child that she tripped- and also Facebook. Is she related to that lady from New York that sued her nephew for hugging her? Maybe they can all get together and buy a drug company to hike price of AIDS medication

The migrant running across the Syrian – Hungary border that she is clearly seen tripping in video footage is Osama Abdul Mohsen who later went on to get a job as a soccer coach in Spain. Laszlo alleges that Mohsen changed his testimony in her trial, first blaming police for the incident (although, again she is on video doing the kicking, so… OK). She says;

“My husband wants to prove my innocence. For him, it’s now a matter of honor.”

 Build a wall around this lady.

So let me get this straight. In order to restore her honor she is SUING a refugee that she tripped whilst carrying his child as he fled from his war torn country. The good news is this will be a quick lawsuit… since everyone around the world saw her KICKING A CHILD. You would think someone who worked as a professional camera person would remember how video works.

Things however did get a little dicey for her on social media, which is why she is also suing Facebook. She claims that while the social media network deleted Facebook groups that supported her, they allowed groups that threatened her personal safety to continue. This resulted in many threats of violence including a $20,000 “bounty on her head.” Seems a bit much… $20k?

This is the guy she plans to sue; must have hurt her leg pretty bad on his child when she kicked him.

Now even those of you who do not agree with the politics of letting foreign refugees into your homeland can probably agree that kicking a CHILD is probably not the best solution to the crisis. I could be wrong about this, set me straight.

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Source: Mirror UK