Taylor Swift: Videos and Pictures

There is no Taylor Swift Sex Tape. 

And if there is one, it hasn’t been made public yet. There is no Taylor Swift sex tape with Harry Styles of One Direction and there is no Taylor Swift sex tape with Joe Jonas.  In this video, we get confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth:

And presumably, there is no Taylor Swift sex tape with any of her other exes either.  There are plenty of songs written about her ex-boyfriends by Taylor herself but as of now, no sex tapes.


In early February 2013, a message similar to the one below was distributed through Facebook claiming that Taylor Swift’s iPhone was hacked and the sex tape was liftedfrom the phone and leaked online. 

Those who clicked the link would supposedly be taken to a Facebook Group with further instructions to see the alleged video. However, instead of a video, clicking the link took would-be sex tape viewers to a pop-up window instructing them to complete a survey to verify their age.  After completing that survey, viewers had to complete another survey and another survey.  Some of the surveys asked for users’ cell numbers and automatically signed them up for expensive text messaging subscriptions.  Other surveys prompt users to unwittingly download game toolbars and software that are potentially dangerous.

The theory is whoever is behind this scam is probably getting paid for each survey completed. Anti-virus protection companies like Bitdefender warned that participating in these surveys can unleash a virus on your computer.

a surprised taylor swift

The sex tape message had celebrity gossip sites going for a while.  Many celebrity news outlets like Celeb Dirty Laundry reported about the existence of the sex tape with such details like it was supposedly 22 minutes showing Taylor “getting undressed and performing an oral act on Harry” in their hotel room. The video is allegedly filmed from Harry’s POV as he’s recording Taylor who is on top of him moaning and screaming throughout the clip. 

In 2011, there were also rumors of a Taylor Swift sex tape but they were quickly dismissed when the person who made those claims couldn’t deliver the goods. Well, seems nothing has changed in 2013.


You can’t. For now, the squeaky clean, teen idol is absolved from any sex tape scandal and it appears like she will stay that way unless she meets a wayward boyfriend who convinces her that writing about songs about exes is kid stuff…let’s make a sex tape and really get back at him!  Many have tried to capitalize on those precious key words, “Taylor Swift sex tape” but a Google search will just lead to disappointment since most of the results are random videos or websites.

fake picture of taylor swift naked

Or girls who just look like Taylor but are not the real thing.

For now, Taylor’s fans will just have to be satisfied with these sexy pictures where the girl next door shows off a little more than usual.


Taylor Swift


Or you can get a nice look up her skirt at this St. Louis concert in which Taylor gives everyone a Marilyn Monroe type peek.



And generally, it’s probably not a good idea to click on any Facebook messages prompting you to view a video of Osama Bin Laden being killed, the second shooter on the Grassy Knoll or Jesus Christ’s birth.