Was Taylor Swift Caught Making Out With This Hot Model At A Concert?

From what the radio tells me, Taylor Swift hasn’t had the best luck with dating men in Hollywood. From John Mayer to some guy in One Direction, that’s about all disc jockey’s like to talk about, besides themselves. Well this story should stoke the fire a few more days for those guys. Me, I just want to see pics of Swift making out with a model and then finish my ham sandwich.

Earlier this week, Swift was hanging out with her bestie friend Karlie Kloss who also happens to be a pretty hot fashion model. Well, needless to say the two were in New York together at a 1975 concert (never heard of the band either) when a fan on the floor got video of the two standing in the balcony section.  According to the video, what happened next appears to be something much friendlier than hanging out. But in the words of Levar Burton, don’t take my word for it. Judge for yourself below.

Listen, if you’re going to record two chicks making out, make sure your phone is full charged!

Call it wishful thinking, but Kloss’ left arm is all ready around Swift and that right hand isn’t disproving the notion that some making out was indeed happening. Nice. But hey, if they did make out, who cares, right? It’s almost 2015. If Swift wants to make out with a super hot model, I certainly don’t mind. Of course I don’t, I’m a straight guy. This is awesome.

So what do you guys think? Is this a sweet makeout sesh, or am I really just digging on a Friday night at 5PM. I’ll be back to view the comments after I finish this six pack of Newcastle.

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source: Elite Daily