Taylor Swift Has The Right To Break Your Camera Per Her Concert Contract

If you are a photographer and assigned to one of Taylor Swift’s concerts promoting her album 1989, you may at first think you really lucked out with a free ticket to the biggest tour of the year. Well, not so fast. As a photographer, you have to sign a contract with a laundry list of rules and regulations before taking any pictures. And once you see what that contract entails, you might quickly regret even going. This contract makes me wonder why she has any outside photographers at her concerts in the first place.

First thing’s first, you can only take photos during the first and second song. And that’s it. Next, you can only “print” those photographs ONCE on the website or publication you have provided on the contract. You also can’t place the photographs on your personal portfolio site or any other site (so don’t even f*cking thing about it.)

And the best rule of all is if you don’t comply with any of the rules on this contract, more than we just mentioned here, your camera and any device that contains the master files of the photographs and other images, including but not limited to cell phones, memory cards and any printed photographs themselves from the venue, will be confiscated or destroyed.

Jesus, Swift’s team is tougher than the FBI. Here’s a copy of the contract.


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Long story short, you’re better off just buying a ticket and going as a “fan” for pictures instead.