This Nude Bikini Top Will Make Your Summer Super Exciting

Welp, it’s official. Summer time just became my favorite season ever.

Not sure if everyone should be sporting this thing, but with the new “TaTa Top”, you can walk amongst the clothes-wearing-folk completely topless. Unfortunately for some of you perverts, this bikini does not include the bottom half so you’re just going to have to settle for the nip.

Of course the folks that invented this new look didn’t do it because they’re just a bunch of frat guys who like women’s mammaries and a flair new fashion.  The statement this top is actually trying to make is gender equality.  Since fellas are able to walk around with their nipples out, why can’t the ladies!  I think everyone at Break is on board for your cause, so where do we purchase?!  We’ll get to that in a second. For now, how about another picture.

If you’re not aware (let’s face it, you’re probably not), there’s a #FreeTheNipple movement and this top, although not directly associated, comes amongst the other efforts to expose this problem. Get it? Expose? Just recently we reported that Bruce Willis’ daughter walked around the streets of New York completely topless in an effort to “free the nips”.  Long story short, Instagram removed the photos, so maybe the bikini top is the safer bet to get the point across.  You won’t be performing anything illegal and you’re also not relying on Instagram to not notice.

So if you feel like supporting #FreeTheNipple, we certainly won’t stop you! Buy a nude bikini top HERE and enjoy the beach like the fellas this summer.

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