Educational Or Just Boob Porn? This Mom’s Breastfeeding Videos Are Intense

Tasha Maile found a hobby. No, it’s not helping charities on the weekend or building model airplanes. Her hobby is uploading videos at random of her breastfeeding her two children to Youtube and a lot of people are questioning her motives. Why? Because no one can really figure out the point. Sure, she’s relaying her experiences to anyone who is curious but…do we need to see her boobs to get the point across? If you say yes, you’re probably not watching for educational reasons I assume!

Hey, don’t get me wrong, Tasha’s doing only what’s natural and what she thinks is best for her kids. Thumbs up for Tasha there. BUT, to post videos of it where most people are now sexualizing the act because she’s essentially just putting nudity out there for people to view, that’s where most people are having an issue.

One commentor decided to let Tasha know how he was REALLY reacting.

If you continue to peruse through Tasha’s videos, she’s not exactly discreet either about how much she shows on camera. The picture below from Tasha’s video titled Mum can’t stop breastfeeding.Supernanny USA”. I mean, c’mon. Breastfeeding is great, but holy shit that’s really putting it out there.

Are any of you surprised that mostly males are commenting on Tasha’s videos?

Brain. Can’t. Handle.

You would think maybe cropping out her breasts would maybe be the way to go, but instead Tasha truly reveals the full act. But not all of Tasha’s videos are of her breastfeeding. There are some videos where she discusses veganism and so on, but as you can guess, those videos don’t perform as well. Pretty sure Tasha is seeing the math on this too. In this same video where Tasha has both of her breasts fully exposed, she discusses how Youtube took down one of her videos “violating her human rights as an individual”. Unless you’re the President of Youtube, Youtube can take down whatever they please, which means you’ll just have to go back to breastfeeding in private, which no one is opposed to.

In another video, we get a bit more background on who Tasha is. Tasha reveals that she had breast implants and used to go-go dance. In the same video, she discusses how she can’t be nude on Youtube which is why she’s wearing a bra in the video. Of course that bra didn’t stay completely on for too long because one of her kids walks into frame, and more breastfeeding begins.

So is Tasha really trying to show how beautiful breastfeeding is, or is she just secretly wanting to get your attention with her fake boobs, which obviously drives video views up exponentially?

Watch that video below. Tasha discusses her boob job and go-go dancing at 2:19.

Okay, let’s say the audience is evenly divided on this one. Let’s say 50% of the people think what she’s doing is totally cool and a learning experience for all. Let’s say 50% of the people are like “Nice boobs! Upload more, Tasha! Bangarang!”. But here’s another angle to consider: her kids.

We all know how really fair and nice kids are to each other, right? Hahaha, oh man, couldn’t help but laugh after I wrote that. You just know that when these kids grow up, one of their classmates are going to find one of the many videos where Tasha has her boobs out and is breastfeeding them. Most kids are already pretty evil, especially when they’re around other kids (I assume we can agree on that), and it’s certainly going to turn into a living hell when that moment happens. Hell, kids make fun of each other if their parents drive a junk car. Imagine old video of you getting breastfed as a three-year-old circulating school, only now you’re fifteen. Thank God I went to school before the internet was really a thing!

Another one of Tasha’s videos is titled “Do I have sex while breastfeeding” and of course shows her breastfeeding in the video. Tasha by no means has any real education other than her life experience, but regardless of that fact, based on the video’s title and content, no wonder it has over 1 million views. Bare boobs and the word sex in the title? Pretty sure Tasha knows how the big numbers work when it comes to Youtube, don’t you think?

Okay okay, maybe people are just really into Tasha’s words of advice and aren’t solely into seeing her bare boobs. Oh wait, she uploaded a video that served as a CONTEST titled “Win A Date With Spiritual Tasha Mama”? Okay, so now if you are watching Tasha because you think she’s “super smart about breastfeeding” or for other reasons you could probably guess on your own, Tasha opened the door for men to submit themselves to go on a date with her.

Suddenly a lot of thirsty dudes got real interested in breastfeeding and veganism, haha!

Leave a comment and let’s discuss whether Tasha’s motivation toward making these videos is purely selfish and self-fulfilling or whether it’s actually helpful to people in some way. Or third, it obviously could just be both of those things. There are a lot of positive comments coming from people who are finding positive guidance from these videos but also a lot of people clearly watching these videos on mute.

Pop Quiz: Do you think people would be as positive in the comments if Tasha was unattractive?

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