Taryn Manning Is Litchfield’s Hottest Prisoner

Taryn Manning Nude



Taryn Manning has been around for what seems like forver, with a knack for the gritty starring in movies like 8 Mile and TV shows like Orange is the New Black. But in addition to being a unique actress in the field, she is also a singer-songwriter and a fashion designer. Go girl.

“That’s why I’m an actress, to do something completely opposite from myself.”

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So Where Can I See Taryn Manning Nude?

Taryn first stripped down for the Civil War flick Cold Mountain in 2003. In it she sits in a bed topless. You can check out some of that footage right here. Looks like good times.

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In Hustle & Flow she let her boobies out once again, as she walked between rooms before pulling her top up. You can look at some of that action right here.

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Here’s a nice nipple shot for you.

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In Jack & Jill vs the World Taryn flashes some breast and also has a topless sex scene. You can see some of those naked shots right here.

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But that’s not all! In 2010 she flashed some breasts in The Perfect Age of Rock ‘N’ Roll. Check that out right here. And then here she is talking about the movie.

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She also got naked for the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, which is her longest naked scene to date. It’s about a two-minute stretch of time while she has a conversation on a bed sans shirt. Granted, it’s a little more of a raw look since the actress is playing a junkie with more than a few issues to deal with. You can peep on those shots right here. She looks nice, right?

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What About Naked Photo Shoots of Taryn Manning?

Sure! For one thing Taryn stripped down for Playboy, letting her boobs hang out of an otherwise adorable roller skating ensemble for one shot, and hanging out with a unicorn in another. (Who doesn’t like to get naked with unicorns!?) You can see those shots right here.

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Here’s a clip of Taryn and Orange is the New Black costar Natasha Lyonne talking about Tinder and nude selfies.

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Are There Any Bikini Shots of Taryn?

Sure, like most actresses Taryn has gallivanted around the beach in a bikini and has paparazzi shots taken to commemorate the experience. In this case, she plays a little soccer to keep things interesting.

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And here she is lounging by the pool.

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Any Other Weird Paparazzi Shots?

Well, there is a photo of Taryn where she’s wearing her skirt so low that you can catch a glimpse of her public hair, if that’s something you like to see. If so click here click here.

And if you click here you can see an up the skirt shot of the actress sitting in a car.

For some reason here is a photo where Taryn appears to be on the toilet.If that’s appealing to you!

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How Does She Look On the Red Carpet?

Taryn Manning cleans up real nice for the red carpet! And she manages to pull off some very different hair colors.

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You Mentioned Taryn Manning is a Singer?

Oh yes, the actress was actually one part of the duo that made up the electronic band Boomkat. The other member is her brother, and the two initially signed with Randy Jackson and later DreamWorks Records. They had songs placed in movies including Mean Girls, CrossroadsThe Hot Chick8 Mile, and The Italian Job.

These days she’s pursuing a solo music career and has continued to release albums and singles on her own. Her single “Send Me Your Love” has topped the Billboards dance charts. As for her career as a fashion designer, her line Born Uniqorn has been carried in stores like Barneys, Kitson, Ron Herman and Fred Segal.

Multi talented huh?

“My dad was a musician and I traveled around with him, so it was something that I knew.”

Here’s one of her songs from Boomkat.

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And here is the video for “Send Me Your Love”

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We can expect the actress to be around for a while, she seems to like her career path.

“There’s really nothing else I’m going to do with my life. I’d be useless if I weren’t singing or acting.”

Anything Else i Should Know About Her?

Well, she’s third cousins with Peyton and Eli Manning. Hence the last name. She was a trained dancer and actually gave up the opportunity to go to Juilliard to pursue her acting career. (Good thing it worked out!) She is also the cofounder of her own production company Search and Rescue Productions, which produces a variety of films from comedy to drama.