People Are Now Furious At Target Over This Insensitive Christmas Sweater

Now that people are fully fueled by the anger or annoyance regarding the Starbucks Christmas cup, let’s focus our attention on another store chain that people are furious by; Target. It’s a season of wacky ironic Christmas sweaters and Target thought they snagged a really good one by changing the OCD acronym that means Obsessive Compulsive Disorder into Obsessive Christmas Disorder. Uh oh.

Can’t wait for the rest of @Target disease themed fashion line. Next up: PTSD (People That Shop Disorder)

— Allison Raskin (@AllisonRaskin) November 9, 2015

OCD is one of those mental illnesses that a lot of people sort of pass off as something they suffer from, but wanting a clean kitchen or making sure to wash your hands before and after dinner isn’t exactly OCD, as you can tell by the below clip.

In hindsight, this is probably why Target thought it’d be okay to take the term into a “humorous” direction before considering that it might just be a joke in bad taste. But people are taking to the internet, especially twitter and facebook to let Target know that this joke isn’t really that funny.

Let @Target Know That We Will Be Boycotting Their Store Until They Remove This Item • @BipolarUs#ThisWillNotStand

— @BipolarPlus (@BipoIarPlus) November 7, 2015

Even though Target isn’t the only store to be selling the sweater design (The OCD slogan is actually on a ton of Christmas items right now) they’ve already said that they hear the complaints but continue to sell the sweater. Hey, it’s their right to sell it, poor taste or not, just like it’s Starbucks’ right to sell a plain red cup for the holiday season. Unfortunately when an angry mob starts to form, it seems that anger can take over instead of a reasonable debate so I’m kinda curious to see how this one lands. Just don’t let that preacher Joshua Feuerstein know about it because I don’t want an angry preacher carrying a gun to show up at my nearby target. Actually, he seems more like the Wal-Mart type anyway.