‘Sin City 2’ Has A Special Treat For You Quentin Tarantino Fans

If you were at all on the fence about going to see the Sin City opening on August 22nd, I think this bit of news will help you decide. It’s been confirmed that a teaser for Quentin Tarantino’s new film The Hateful Eight will play at the beginning of Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For. And the film hasn’t even started shooting, so this makes that information that much more intriguing.

Earlier this year, Tarantino had confirmed he was going to write and direct a second western after the success of Django Unchained, which quickly turned into news that his script was finished. He’s one speedy filmmaker, folks. Unfortunately what followed was the script getting leaked with Tarantino publicly scrapping the whole thing out of pure annoyance. I personally would hate to read a Tarantino script before seeing the full movie. It’s like getting full on a salad before Thanksgiving dinner. Then, recently at Comic-Con, Tarantino surprised everyone by saying he was going to go ahead and make the movie anyway.

Today we get news that a Hateful Eight teaser of all things was going to play before Sin City 2, another film that I’m amazed got made. Thankful, but still amazed.

[[contentId: 2748036| | style: float:right; height:260px; width:182px]]What the teaser will hold, no one knows considering it was made especially to be played before Rodriguez’s film, which is just extra cool.

Assuming the film hasn’t shot one second,, I personally love a good movie teaser that holds footage made only for the teaser trailer itself. You won’t see clips from the movie, just something to get the juices flowing.  The Explorers teaser trailer comes to mind as a great example.

And of course if that awesome news doesn’t float your boat, may I remind you Eva Green’s contributions to the film. I thought so too.

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source: Uproxx