Tarantino Reveals Info About His Next Movie

Tuesday night on Leno, Quentin Tarantino was a guest pitching his Django six issue comic book (based off his phone book-sized screenplay) and revealed the type of film he’s planning on making.  If you’d rather not sit through a clip of Leno (can’t totally blame you), then I’ll reveal below….


He’s going to make another Western.  That’s right.  I guess his taste for the genre was not satisfied with Django Unchained so he’s going back to the olden days to give us all a second helping.  Unfortunately he didn’t reveal the details of the story last night, just his techniques in fashioning a story, which is equally interesting to me.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t make another cameo as an Austrailian with a long-winded, unnecessarily drifting finish when it should’ve just ended at the plantation the FIRST time around.

But let’s be honest, the REAL question is, who’s chin could topple Mount Everest faster: Leno or Tarantino?



– TODD SPENCE (follow me on the Twitter)