Tara Reid Poses Nude On Instagram

If you are in the camp that feels we didn’t get enough celebrity naked shots in 2014, well 2015 is getting off to a bang for you thanks to actress Tara Reid. The American Pie and Sharknado star has been busy posting sexy, bikini pictures while on vacation with her boyfriend, to her personal Instagram account. While fans of the 39 year old actress got to enjoy these beach side babe shots, the one that did the old Internet “trending” trick was a photo of her completely naked- wearing nothing but a smile and “hand-bra” lounging in a hammock.  Ever been jealous of a hammock? Well here ya go:

For some reason when I posted my naked hammock photos it didn’t start trending on Twitter. #DoubleStandards

Instead of enjoying a little eye candy some folks were quick to create a conspiracy claiming that photos on Reid’s Instagram account had been photoshopped to make her waist appear thinner. Not just thinner, but jagged like some pixels from her torso had been deleted. Well, this is one way to keep eating all of that left over holiday food and still keep your New Year’s resolution to “look” thinner. I might have to try the Tara Reid “diet.” See the picture below and notice the odd dent on the side of her stomach.  

Photoshoped? Or that’s just how Tara was made?

She has been known to face scrutiny over her boob jobs in the past, especially when her actual boob, full nip, flopped right out when she was on the red carpet and frightened everyone.

At least that star matches her dress.

Either way let’s not be too hard on Tara. Maybe we should all just calm down and enjoy a little New Year’s naked time and work on our own bikini pics.

Source: The Supervicial 

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