This Might Be The Greatest Tampon Ad Of All Time

Someone over at the PR agency in charge of Tampax should be getting a raise sometime soon because they just came up with the greatest tampon ad of all time. Featuring a woman in a bikini swimming in the ocean, we realize she’s not alone swarmed by great white sharks. Unfortunately for her it’s that time of the month. Luckily…she has Tampax.

If this one is as popular as we’re hoping, I very much would like to a see a follow up concept with the woman camping in short shorts surrounded by bears. Of course she’s safe and sound…with Tampax.

As some of you may recollect, this image also reminds us of the classic Russian Tampax commercial. Even though it gives the same message, it has a drastically different ending.

The internet is a wonderous place.

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source: Reddit