Would You Elect Tami Stainfield President? She Has Men In Her Brain

It’s easy to forget in the media’s coverage of the big contenders that there are, in fact, many dozens if not hundreds of independents running for President as well.  Remember Deez Nutz?  These underdogs are just citizens like the rest of us who think they can make a difference.  One such person is Tami Stainfield.

Tami has a degree in Computer Science and a Masters in political Science and has experience in banking, IT, education, healthcare and more.  She has travelled the world and been to 29 countries.  Also, for the last 18 months, men have lived in her brain.

The men in her brain have information on science that could help the people of the United States and even the world.  As they explain in her video, there is a synthesizer (or possibly a synsethizer) that reverberates off of brainwaves and puts them in a sinister computer called Hazbat, run by the terrorist network Al Qaeda-ga-ga-ga.

Tami is also an expert in social media.  This is evidenced by her Twitter where she routinely calls Hillary Clinton a bitch and drops the C-bomb like seeds in a garden.  She also provides messages such as this (note: we have edited this tweet to protect those who are not as familiar with Presidential language).

Tami’s personal campaign website is surprisingly well made and efficient, indicating that degree in Computer Science is actually being well used.  She uses the site to outline her major platform issues and also to warn you about letting techno robots in vade the brains of your children, like they did to her.  Plus she includes pdfs or her correspondence with the local courts from her various run ins with the law!

This election year if neither the Republicans nor the Democrats appeal to you. Maybe give Tami Stainfield a second look.