Take The Apple Watch For A Test Drive On This Site

Apple has a new watch coming out that they claim is going to do for watches what the iPad did for reading on the toilet. If you’re the kind of hardcore Apple head that can’t wait to see what it’s like to operate the Apple Watch, Apple set up a demo website. 


This is probably the closest you’ll ever get to an Apple Watch if you don’t have the scratch to afford one or the gumption to steal one. 

The site, DemoAppleWatch.com, offers a basic but interesting look at what it’s like to operate an iPhone or an iPod wrapped around your wrist. You start by clicking on the digital crown that serves the home button for the Watch and the screen presents several of the apps you’ll have if you can shell out the $350 for the watch whenever it hits the stores. The demo also shows some screenshots of what the text messaging, mail, maps and clock apps. 


This is way better than Watchimals.

A big feature of the new watch and all Apple mobile products is something called “Pipes.” It provides a pipeline to trending stories, videos and other links and sends them to the “Pipes” app on your device. If you click the “Pipes” icon on the Apple Watch, you can watch a video that explains it further. We’re also interested to know how big it is and how it feels on your wrist and unfortunately, there’s no an app that lets you wear the Internet on your wrist. 

Source: Demo Apple Watch