Another Gamer Dies After Massive Gaming Binge

Remember internet cafes?  Sure you do.  They were really big a few years back and then sort of dwindled a little, but they still exist and are mostly popular with people who enjoy libraries and hardcore gamers whose mothers won’t let them stay online past 9.  They’re still super big in Asian countries where no one wants to play games at home, so everyone does it with strangers in a refurbished laundromat.

In Taiwan this past weekend, after an epic 3 day battle against human contact, a 32 year old gamer ganked his last Iron Horde when he succumbed to cardiac arrest and then collapsed dead on a table where he remained for hours because God knows if you can’t stop playing to even die, you can’t stop playing to notice a different guy died.

The man had apparently lost a job not so long ago and opted to spend his new-found free time at cafes for days at a time.  When police and paramedics showed up, you’ll be unsurprised to hear that none of the other gamers stopped what they were doing to take notice.  Makes you wonder if anyone from the café called the cops, or if it was a guildmate the dead guy had been playing with online who got concerned when they couldn’t get him on Vent anymore.

How does a guy collapse dead for hours with no one giving a damn?  Blame it on his hardcore attitude.  Since he literally spent days there, no one was surprised to see him slumped over the table asleep.  The staff assumed that’s what was happening this time and let him be.  Must have been the lividity that tipped them off.

Even though it’s only January, this is actually Taiwan’s second death for binge gamers.  On New Year’s day another gamer checked out after a solid 5 day run.

Back in 2012, a 23 year old gamer died after a 23 hour run at league of Legends and stayed in his chair for 9 hours before he was noticed by staff.  He was sitting up straight with his hands at the keyboard the whole time with people sitting on either side of him.  An 18 year old died the same year after a 40 hour Diablo III binge during which he didn’t eat for two days.  Any solid American gamer will tell you, you have to have some snacks, bro.

A number of similar cases have happened across Asia, including in China and South Korea.  Why does it keep happening and, specifically, why does it seem isolated to Asian countries?  That’s a damn fine question.  You’d figure by now everyone would know to load up on Mountain dew and Cheetos before a gaming binge, to get up every 5 hours or so to pee, and to never pay for 50 hours in a row, just in case.  Plus, as an employee of these cafes, you should be trained to watch for subtle hints that something is amiss, like maybe your customer isn’t breathing anymore, or is decomposing.  It’s the little things you can do beforehand to ensure everyone goes home, even if it takes a week.