Taiwan Eatery Says Sorry For Pasta Dish Called “Long Live The Nazis”

PhilHaney by PhilHaney on Aug. 20, 2014

If you enjoy food that is in bad taste you might want to heil a cab and head on over to the Rock Mill Italian restaurant in Taiwan. That’s because the “higgs boson discovering level” geniuses that own this dining establishment named one of their pasta dishes “Long Live The Nazis.” If you think that sounds yummy you might also enjoy their Ebola Outbreak Brownies, Siberian Gulag Goulash and 9/11 Lasagna.

Someday Chao Ya-hsin will write an autobiography about her struggle; of owning a restaurant.

The Nazi named dish had been on the menu for over a year with no complaints from customers and was even one of the Rock Mill’s most popular items.  That all changed when a local television station ran a story on the restaurant and its fascist-themed pasta.  Complaints poured in and Israeli and German representatives in Taiwan even commented on the situation expressing shock at the lack of cultural understanding.

Hitler is going to try the Charles Manson Macaroni

For her part after the controversy erupted quicker than a blitzkrieg, restaurant owner Chao Ya-hsin changed the name of the menu item and apologized explaining that they just wanted to connect for customers that there is German sausage in the pasta dish.

Chao said, “When we were deciding on a name for this pasta dish, it never occurred to us that the word Nazi would stir up such controversy.”

Time Out.

They didn’t know the word “Nazi” would stir controversy? I get that cultural differences may preclude some people from having a full understanding of world history but maybe they should have Googled it first?

Still Not Known For Their Titanic Victim Truffles.

For example: I don’t know much about Taiwan. According to the internet one of the most tragic events in Taiwanese history is the February 28th 1947 Taiwanese Uprising in which 20 thousand students were massacred for protesting the corrupt government. However I might not name my Taiwanese cuisine flavor infused burger The Taiwanese Uprising.  You will be happy to know that the Rock Mill changed the name of their German sausage pasta dish to “Long Live Purity” – which has absolutely no Nazi connotations whatsoever. Purity of the races.

Another "cultural misunderstanding" facepalm of fail.

However I guess if people are offended by a pasta joint that has just one Nazi themed dish they have their work cut out for them. You could make a whole bar hoping game out of traveling to strange and offensive eating establishments around the misguided world. There is an entire Nazi themed restaurant in Indonesia that’s sort of like the Hard Rock Café for fans of mass genocide.

Try the Taliban Tacos and Al Qaeda Quesadillas!

Or if you want to let the terrorists win you can get hammered at an Osama bin Laden themed bar in Brazil. I heard it’s the bomb.

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BlankTitanic User

It sounds crazy but it actually is a cultural thing. It's hard to explain if you do not understand certain asian cultures. At the end of the day she did not mean it to be so bad as a westerner would see it.

Neurovore User

"Nein meatballs", yes, very smartassy. Improper use of the word "nein", though. You see, "nein" is german for "no", as in yes or no.

"Keine meatballs" would have been correct.

RiotSt4rt3r User

I do wonder what an Asian World History course teaches.

RiotSt4rt3r User

@LawnBuffalo Yeah you're right, I am sure the teaching standards are exactly the same in Asian countries as the U.S. Cause ya know, we have so much else in common.

elbanditto User

@RiotSt4rt3r @LawnBuffalo Riot is right the teaching standards in the developed asian countries are far superior to the US.  With that said LawnBuffalo is right that they probably leave out just as much as we leave out...because you know...the western civilization isn't the only civilization in the world...