Women In Taiwan Are Wearing Plastic Bags Because That’s The New Cool Fashion

Us Editors at Break are no fashionistas but we know a homerun when we see it. The fashion-forward ladies of Taiwan have started a new trend which actually has nothing to do with clothes at all. At least not in the conventional sense. Women are wearing plastic bags as onesies and from the looks of it it’s at least not the worst fashion statement in the world.

Miley Cyrus only wishes she thought of this first.

It sure makes laundry 100 times easier. And by easier, we mean you just throw the bag away and snag a new one.

Considering most of the women in Taiwan seem to not be over a size zero, the plastic bag look is really a once size fits all. Just make sure your leg holes are cut evenly, otherwise a baggy baggy would just be embarassing.

The best (or maybe the worst) part is this look isn’t just for women…apparently. Guys are getting in on it too because we live in an equal society and if dudes wanna wear plastic bags as onesies, by God, no one shall stop us.

Ah, who are we kidding, this is insane. But we do hope it catches on in America because it will sure make dating a whole helluva lot easier so everyone knows who to completely avoid at first sight. At least you know they’d be cheap dates.