Today In This Is A Thing: Taiwan Has A Penis Cake Craze

You know how in America (or at least in ‘Merica), people break out penis shaped food for bachelorette parties? You’ll be at a restaurant and suddenly a bunch of girls show up with penis hats from Spencer’s and a big penis cake comes out. Or maybe that’s just me.

Well in the city of Taipei, they have taken the idea of phallus food to a whole new level with “Gayke” – a penis shaped cake that sells like hot cakes –shaped like a dong.

The name “Gayke” as you might have guessed, is a clever combination of the word “cake” and the word “gay.” Although I’m not sure why the penis cake has to be gay. There sure seems to be a lot of photos of ladies enjoying the penis cake. Maybe the cake goes both ways? Then it would be called Biyke- which I guess that doesn’t have as good a ring to it.

[[contentId: 2656480| | style: height:565px; width:368px]]

There is actually sausage inside of the sausage. Sort of like Pigs in a Blanket, with breaded cake encapsulating the meat inside. Supposedly they all taste pretty good. The Gayke man-meat comes in different varieties including smoked sausage, golden curry, and soy sauce sausage.

[[contentId: 2656481| ]]

That’s tough to look at.

There are even Gayke pops for when you’re on the go and just can’t wait to get some in your mouth.

[[contentId: 2656482| | style: height:392px; width:392px]]

The Gayke Storefront

If you don’t think that these wieners are winners, than you just need to check out all these folks enjoying Gayke. As their slogan says how about “a piece of gayke!”

[[contentId: 2656483| | style: height:250px; width:500px]]

The writing translates roughly to “Oh, come on Break!”

They come in a variety of flavors as well.

[[contentId: 2656484| ]]

There are vanilla frosted ones.

[[contentId: 2656485| | style: height:666px; width:500px]]

And chocolate frosted ones.

[[contentId: 2656486| | style: height:332px; width:500px]]

And that’s all I’m saying about the type of frosting.

[[contentId: 2656487| | style: height:439px; width:385px]]

Come to think of it, the guy at the Penis Museum would probably love to sell Gayke in his Penis Museum Cafe.

[[contentId: 2656488| | style: height:374px; width:500px]]

Is this a new sexual fetish taking over Taipei or just a tasty treat? Some people get into some really weird stuff. Have you heard about the community of people who get off by popping Nike Air sneakers? Or how about people who have a sexual attraction to trees? Read about those fetishes and more here – and tell me if it’s weirder than “Gayke.”

[[contentId: 2656490| ]]

What, it’s just cake, get your mind out of the gutter.

[[contentId: 2656491| ]]

Would you take a bite out of some Gayke?

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