This Taco Bell Is Now Offering Booze On Their Menu

Taco Bell has really been winning over it’s already faithful fans by offering delivery before their other competitors, but now the TB has taken it up a notch by also offering booze on their menu along with their other non-alcoholic drinks. A burrito supreme and a tall beer sounds pretty good right about now but unfortunately, the new menu items are only available for midwesterners at their Chicago location in the Wicker Park neighborhood. Must…restrain…the anger….

So glorious.

As you can tell by the photo taken by a soon to be inebriated Taco Bell customer, the location offers $3.00 beer and wine, including Sangria and alcoholic slushees. Patrons can get their drink on throughout the night but the location has already noted last call will be around midnight and will also have a bouncer on hand in case anyone decides to run for the border after a possible drunken altercation. If you thought Taco Bells looked a little seedy in the late weekend hours before, I’m sure it’s only going to get worse. I love Chicago, but it certainly has its…characteristics.

It already seems this Taco Bell might be a better happy hour spot than any late night hangout. Ah who am I kidding, I just want to be inside of it any chance I can get.

Usually with these new ideas, a franchise will test it out in one random location to see how well it goes. And if my numbers are correct, America both loves booze and fast food equally, so hopefully other Taco Bells across America will soon get the same treatment.

The news of Chicago’s new Taco Bell menu first hit online in July but it’s now a beautiful reality for those lucky Illinois residents. Taco Bell spokesman Rob Poetsch said “Our franchisee is thrilled with the positive feedback from city officials and the Wicker Park Community on this newly designed Taco Bell.” I don’t know if Rob celebrates Christmas or not, but it certainly came a few months early this year.