10 Horrific Tablet Breaking Videos On The Internet

Have you ever waited in line for something for such a long time, only to have some smug jerk come out with it first? Then you watch, in horror, as he sets it on the ground, pulls a golf club out of apparently thin air, and beat the crap out of it. No? It’s a tactic primarily used to make fanboys mad. Here are a few fantastic videos of people doing just that.

Daniel Tosh Destroys an iPad

A few years ago, Daniel Tosh got an iPad pretty early. So, he decided to do what any talk show host would do – he smashed it. It caused a bit of controversy, mostly because people were mad that he would actually do that.

Triple Event – iPad Mini vs. Kindle Fire HD vs. Nexus 7

I’ll admit, even I cringed at this one. Blendtec decided to make a new episode of “Will It Blend?” featuring these three highly desirable tablets. He smashes it, he cracks it, he bends them in half, then tosses them in a blender to see if they’ll blend. All of those beautiful tablets just destroyed. Oh, my heart. And yeah, spoiler alert: they blend.

The Beauty of an iPad 2’s Destruction

Jake Larsen decided to destroy an iPad 2. From the looks of things, it seems as though he destroyed several just to get the shots he wanted. Everything is done in super slow motion, which actually makes it look kind of beautiful. He puts a huge hole right through the middle of it.

iPad Mini Gets Eviscerated

Wrecknology got ahold of the iPad Mini. They did a video and talked about the design, display, functionality, and everything else. Then, they decided to have a little fun — by chopping it in half. Right around the 8 minute mark in the video, they start chopping away. It doesn’t stand up to the test. They cut in deep with the first swing, and by the fourth, they were pretty much done. They weren’t able to cut it in half.

Tablet Computers Don’t Microwave Well

If you’ve ever wondered how tablet computers fair in a microwave, you now have your answer. They toss the computer in the microwave for seven minutes. When they open the microwave, it’s partly melted. It makes the metal way more flimsy and they can push objects through it. Not quite the explosion you may have been hoping for, but cool nonetheless

Tablet vs. Minigun

iPads seem to be the target of a lot of aggression on the Internet, and this video is no different. In this one, however, the iPad mini is executed violently. They take the tablet, set it up, and tear into it with a minigun. The minigun is literally firing an almost uncountable number of bullets per second. It has to be seen to be believed.

The Nexus 7 is Smashed

For some reason, John Browni uploaded a video of himself destroying a Nexus 7 while listening to Eminem. There’s no explanation, no voiceovers, nothing. He just starts the video off by showing that it’s an actual Nexus 7, wraps it up in paper, and smashes it with a sledgehammer. This type of execution should be banned on YouTube.

A Kindle Fire is Dropped From Five Stories

Is this article over yet? No? Can it be? My soul is bruised, I’m crying on the inside. Fine. So here’s another video, this time the guy just drops it from five stories. Really? Why don’t these people care about their tablets?

Microsoft Surface RT Participates in the Drop Test

This is an actual thing that happens online. People spend their hard earned money to buy these tablets and drop them. I don’t understand it. It’s refreshing to see a video where the tablet is maybe, possibly salvagable, but probably not. Can the Surface RT survive?

The Accidental Explosion

This is something that everyone should be worried about. This guy has no idea what happened. His tablet is destroyed, but he didn’t do anything. It’s not like it spontaneously combusted or anything, but it definitely no longer works. I feel bad for him, could be because he didn’t have FiOS.

This article makes me so upset. You can’t see me right now, but I’m crying over the loss of all of these tablets. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go hug my completely functional tablet.