Syrian Extremists Get Texas Plumber’s Old Truck With Visible Ad

Just about every time the news airs footage of some group of foreign extremists, they almost always feature them  creating carnage with some kind of used truck. One of those trucks appears to have come from a Texas plumber because it still has his company name and phone number on it.

Mark-1 Plumbing in Texas City, Texas got a not-so-friendly endorsement when one of their old trucks showed up in a picture on the Twitter account of a Syrian jihadist group called the Ansar Al-Deen Front. The photo featured a member of the group firing an anti-aircraft gun from the back of the truck. It started making the viral rounds on the Internet and soon found its way back to the plumbing company when people started calling them and faxing images of the truck to their business. A spokesperson for the plumbing company said they received around 1,000 calls about the picture including a few that were “really ugly.”

Of course, the plumbing company denied any direct link to the jihadist group. They said that they sold the used truck to AutoNation as part of a trade-in deal. The plumbing company said AutoNation told them they would remove the company decals before selling the truck to anyone else. A spokesperson for AutoNation said that they gave the truck to an auction house who then sold it to a local used car dealer. Does this mean that other terrorist groups have our used cars? If so, then we’ve got nothing to worry about here in the States. The Volvo station wagon I drove in high school couldn’t make it to the end of my block let alone to another continent.

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Source: Huffington Post