Sylvia Browne Caught Lying About Missing Cleveland Girl

Sylvia Browne calls herself a psychic and has been on such TV shows as the Montel Williams show (where she was almost a weekly guest), Larry King Live and Anderson Cooper.  Break will state unequivocally that Browne is a fraud and a liar.  If she would like to prove otherwise we invite her to take James Randi’s challenge to prove she has psychic powers, a test she has been dodging for over a decade now.  Because she is a liar.

This weekend, in Cleveland, Amanda Berry was rescued from 10 long, insane years of imprisonment.  Details are still emerging but one can only imagine what this girl must have endured, kidnapped and held hostage for an entire decade of her life.  Her mother, desperate to know what happened to her daughter, sought any help she could.  She sought out Sylvia Browne.

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Kill it with fire!

After 19 months with no sign of Amanda, her mother Louwanna Miller, in 2004, went to Montel Williams and fraud psychic Sylvia Browne.  Browne, who normally charges $750 just to talk to her on the phone for 30 minutes, told Miller her daughter was dead.  She told her that she would have called by now if she was alive and she said her jacket would be found in a dumpster with DNA on it.

Miller gave up the day Browne told her Amanda was dead.  She had been keeping her daughter’s room ready for her return but that day she went home and took her posters down, sold her computer and cleaned everything out, finally accepting Amanda was gone for good.  And in 2006, still grieving for her dead daughter, Louwanna Miller died.

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Pictured: Toilet Face and O-Face combo

Browne claims she has lived 54 past lives and can speak with the dead.  She says she knows what Heaven is like.  She predicted Michael Jackson would be found guilty at his child molestation trial.  She predicted Bill Clinton would lose his bid for the Presidency and Obama would not be reelected.  She predicted that breast cancer would be cured in 1999, the cold would be cured in 2010 and MS would be cured in 2012.  Browne, live on the radio during the Sago mine disaster, said all the trapped miners would be rescued safe and sound.  12 men died and one lived.

Unlike Louwanna Miller, some families are not told their loved ones died.  No, Browne, confident that her lies will pan out based on an odds game that too often turns against her, sometimes tells people their loved ones have been kidnapped or sold into slavery.  She told this lie to the families of Opal Jo Jennings, Holly Krewson and more.  All of whom had been murdered, and all of whom were discovered later by law enforcement.  Some had died within hours of disappearing.  There was no human trafficking, no hope of ever finding them alive again. 

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Browne has published dozens of books and runs an entire fraud psychic empire, raking in money hand over fist from people who are desperate to know what no one, especially not Browne, can know.  And she doesn’t care.  She shatters people’s dreams for a buck, she tells life-changing and life destroying lies because she thinks she can get away with it.  And she does get away with it.  People forget all the things she gets wrong, the families she has wronged are the minority when most people are just happy to hear that Grandpa is in Heaven and is proud of them.

Sylvia Browne preys on grief and desperation.  She exploits people when they are vulnerable and she does so for obscene amounts of cash.  She is one of the worst kinds of people you will ever meet; a parasite and a liar who has the audacity to claim special knowledge of life beyond death and powers that make her better than the rest of us.

Sylvia Browne is a fraud and a pig.

— Ian (@holytaco on Twitter, where I’m often hilarious)