Government Made “Drive-Thru” Sex Brothel In Switzerland Was Deemed A Success

Drive-thru brothels opened in Zurich in August 2013. After a year of operation, the Swiss government has come to the conclusion that these sex boxes have been a success both economically and medically, preventing the spread of disease via regular testing. Who knew regulating prostitution could be such an lucrative enterprise?

Nothing gets me in the mood more than a “STOP AIDS” poster.

To work for the country legally, the hookers must have a permit, pay taxes, and actually claim a stall. So far, the stalls are claimed by about 15 women every night.

“The first year of the service has been positive,” said a spokesperson for Zurich social services. “The new regulation of street prostitution has attained its objectives of protecting the population and the sex workers.”

Based on the architecture, I assume the idea is to pull up, have sex in your car, and then pull right out. Wait–that came out wrong.

And they even have party lights to give it that extra hooker-y feeling.

The overall procedure cost about $2.6 million to create, which is what the government had already budgeted. That’s a boat load of money to spend on dirtbags getting their sex on, but hey, I guess that’s cleaner than the alternative. Luckily, the sex drive-thru is monitored by the Swiss police at all times. The hookers have complained about the location of the car wash-esque sex garage being so desolate, but so far that’s about the only complaint. 

Since prostitution will happen whether they want it to or not, the government plans to continue keeping the hookers safe and healthy. Especially since the they’re getting a dime out of it, too.

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source: EliteDaily